Alex Ruisch - Legend Model Kendama - Black & Gold

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First off, it isn’t just for kids, like the word Toy suggests. Kendama is for everyone. It is a bridge between skaters and bmx riders, parents and kids, people of different ages, backgrounds, hobbies, sports, and cultures. It is its own language. Kendama creates connections that people remember forever. It is about the sharing of an experience, or a shared love. Kendama connects people.

It is like a deck of cards, limitless in games to be created and enjoyed. Everyone has their own way they most enjoy it, and the experience with Kendama is unique to everyone. Kendama is similar in many ways to golf, it requires full body control. There is very small margin of error. Your brain can know what it wants your body to do, but performing with your body what your brain wants it to do, can be difficult. Strategy is very important. You learn to make small tweaks to the movements to find success.

Kendama is a self improvement tool, to improve mind and body. Many people say its meditative. Taking your mind away from other things, a brain break from heavy concentration and screens.

While you use it your brain subconsciously adopts lessons: Have a goal and Focus on it. Practice is necessary when something is difficult. Failure is normal. The only true failure is not trying. Never give up and be Patient in your pursuit of success.

Kendama is a full body, low impact exercise.

Your legs learn to move up and down in flow with the rise and fall of the ball. It is common to work up a sweat in pursuit of the next goal. Using Kendama improves hand eye coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Everything learned is committed to Muscle memory. Stored as you work on the next move like riding a bike. Soon the same things thought impossible become attainable.

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