Bear Down!

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It's salmon-fishin' time!

On your turn, roll the dice. If you roll any waters, slide them into the channels that match the dice, causing the stream to flow and the tiles closest to the waterfall's edge to fall into the waterfall.

Then, if you rolled any salmon, add them to the water tiles of the channels that match the dice, starting with the tiles closest to the waterfall's edge.

Now it's time for the bears to go fishing...

Starting with the player who just rolled, everyone takes turns moving their bears around the water to collect the salmon. You can move as many spaces as you like, but you can't jump over other bears or jump over rocks, and when you land on a salmon, you have to stop.

Then it's the next player's turn to roll the dice, add the water tiles, and add the fish - Then everyone moves again, taking the salmon they've collected with them!

The goal is to collect as many fish as possible. But... Don't get too greedy! If the river sends you toppling over the waterfall, and you haven't yet deposited your big ol' stack of salmon back onto the boulder, you lose all of those salmon!

Keep playing turn after turn until you either run out of salmon to collect or run out of water tiles to keep the river flowing. The player with the most salmon wins!

Easy for kids to learn yet challenging enough to thrill the whole family, Bear Down is sure to be an instant game-night favorite.

Bear Down

  • Strategy game of fishing for salmon without falling over the waterfall
  • Encourages strategy skills, planning, problem-solving, critical thinking
  • On each turn, roll dice to add water and salmon, players take turns moving bears
  • Collect the salmon, then return it to the boulder before you're washed away over the waterfall!
  • Game ends when either salmon or water tiles run out
  • Player with the most fish wins the game
  • Includes 4 bears, 4 bear tokens, 70 water tiles, 53 salmon tiles, 2 rock/first-player tiles, 5 dice, gameboard
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay


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