Bill Nye VR Universe

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Climb aboard Bill Nye's Space Lab as we explore the depths of our universe, from asteroids and black holes, to rockets and colonizing Mars, in this 85 piece activity set, including VR goggles to put you in the drivers seat in virtual reality! Engage in physical projects and activities with step-by-step instructions that come alive in augmented reality, then put on the included VR goggles to step into Bill's spaceship as we embark on the cosmos in 360 VR!

Join Bill Nye as we tackle the cosmos and engage in physical projects and experiments in this 90 page, interactive activity book! Build meteors and watch as they crash onto the moon, or discover the power of thrust with your very own rocket and more!

Dive in with over a dozen physical projects as steps in the book turn into videos in augmented reality! Step inside Bill Nye's VR Space Lab in Virtual Reality as we explore the depths of the cosmos!

This 85 piece activity set contains all the materials you need to dive in right out of the box!

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